‘I was constantly in pain’ Sean O’Brien on his hip injury

Sean O’Brien has revealed that he was reduced to tears after training due to the pain caused by his hip injury.

The former Leinster and Ireland player was struggling with a hip injury that could have ended his career, if not for a successful hip resurfacing operation in the summer of 2019.

The British and Irish Lions-capped flanker told the Irish Independent’s rugby podcast ‘The Left Wing’ how much the injury was affecting him before the surgery.

“It was pretty horrendous. I didn’t let it show most days in training but some days I had to let it show because it was that bad.

“I just tried to brave the elements at the time and get through the season. Getting to the World Cup was the long-term goal at the time.

“It was pretty bad. I wasn’t sleeping at night, it was constantly giving me pain. I was in bad form with people. It impacted me big time.

“My mental state wasn’t in a good way. Worse than I am normally. It was a pretty tough time but I’m glad the way I’ve come out of it and the operation went well,” O’Brien said.

‘There were times I thought I would stop’

O’Brien is now back to full health and is playing in the Gallagher Premiership with London Irish, thanks to the surgery and a 10-month long rehab.

The Tullow Tank is delighted to be back out on the rugby pitch and gave thanks to his friends and family who helped him through his injury struggles.

“They know you better than anyone else and they know when you are in a really bad place and what to say to you to put a positive spin on things but also when to be realistic.

“You asked if there were times I thought I would just stop and there were. I thought I couldn’t go through this for another week.

“When I broke down the week of the Munster game, I knew I was going to go see the surgeon to see what could be done.

“When you are 31 years of age and sobbing walking off from training, something has to give. That’s why I made the decision when I did,” O’Brien said.

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