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Brian O’Driscoll and Stephen Ferris cast doubt over Maro Itoje try


Former Ireland internationals Brian O’Driscoll and Stephen Ferris have questioned whether Maro Itoje’s game-winning try against France was in fact grounded.

England won a thrilling game against France thanks to Itoje’s 75th minute effort, which was awarded by TMO Joy Neville, having first been ruled as no try by on-field referee Andrew Brace.

Neville has been commended for having the bravery to overrule the on-field decision, but O’Driscoll and Ferris have expressed doubt over whether Itoje did in fact ground the ball.

“Any time a player fights at the back end of the try scoring effort makes you wonder. He was still trying to put it down when the ref blew his whistle. What a game of rugby though. Ball in play time must have been huge,” O’Driscoll wrote on Twitter.

‘That is his jersey, not the ball’

Ferris shared a screenshot of the incident on Twitter, and while there certainly is contact between a white material and the ground, the Ulsterman has argued that the white material is in fact Itoje’s jersey and not the ball.

“This photo is floating around social media. Try or not? This looks like a certain try from first glance. But that is Itoje’s jersey, not the ball. No try in my opinion. No team deserved to lose, great game,” Ferris wrote.

While there are different opinions over whether Itoje successfully grounded the ball, all rugby fans can at least agree that it was a fantastic game of rugby between England and France.

Unsure about the decision yourself? Check out footage of the try below.

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