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Brian O’Driscoll takes a dig at Austin Healey about the pair’s one-sided fight

Brian O'Driscoll Austin Healey

Brian O’Driscoll has given Austin Healey a reminder of the time he battered him while the pair were touring Australia with the British and Irish Lions in 2001.

Healey and O’Driscoll came to blows after what can only be described as an on-field assault, when Duncan McRae of the New South Wales Waratahs punched Ronan O’Gara 11 times while the Australian side were playing the Lions.

Former England and Lions utility back Healey overstepped the mark with O’Gara, touching the Munster man’s bruised face and asking him for a boxing match following the incident with McRae.

While O’Gara was in no mood to fight Healey, O’Driscoll took him up on his offer, and in the words of Keith Wood “Drico beat the living crap out of him.”


Brian O’Driscoll takes another dig at Austin Healey.

O’Driscoll still fondly remembers their fight to this day, reminding Healey of the beating he gave him in response to BT Sport wishing the former England international a happy birthday, in which they shared a video of Lawrence Dallaglio and Ben Kay also dominating Healey in boxing.

“It’s a relief to see you eating less punches than in ‘01!” O’Driscoll tweeted, with Healey responding “Time is a great healer and has the ability to bend facts.”

The Irish rugby legend’s version of events.

While Healey is rarely in any rush to recall what happened between himself and O’Driscoll in Sydney 20 years ago, the Irishman has detailed exactly what went down that day.

O’Driscoll was speaking on Off The Ball about the fight back in 2016 and explained that even the Lions’ English contingent were happy to see him get the better of Healey.

“I might have been a young lad but because I was good friend with ROG, I just thought that’s not on,” O’Driscoll explained.

“I kind of said it before I thought about what I was doing and all of a sudden the next thing I realise there were gloves on and there was a ring being made around us and I could tell people were only on one person’s side and that was including all of the English players.

“It was one of those out of body moments where all of a sudden you realise you’ve got a little bit of boxing technique and I started landing some shots and he started getting frustrated and started throwing haymakers and I ducked him.

“I was catching him with little kidney punches. It was one of those dream situations. I called it quits at the right time as well.”

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