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Ben Foden believes the USA is ‘primed and ready’ to host the Rugby World Cup

Ben Foden USA

Former England international Ben Foden believes that the USA is primed and ready to host the Rugby World Cup in 2031.

The USA recently announced their bid to host the men’s Rugby World Cup in either 2027 or 2031, as well as the women’s edition of the tournament in 2029.

While the United States certainly has the stadiums and population necessary to host a tournament of such a scale, and successfully hosted the FIFA World Cup in 1994, the performances of their national team leave a lot to be desired.

Foden, who recently played for Rugby United New York in Major League rugby, was speaking to BT Sport and argued allowing the USA to host the Rugby World Cup would grow the sport.

Ben Foden on why the USA should host the Rugby World Cup.

“I hope [the chances of the USA hosting are] really high. It will do wonders for the game out here,” Foden said.

“I think 2027 is too soon, but I think [it would work] in 2031 and for the 2029 women’s World Cup – it would be great to get that as well and give them a test run.

“Women’s rugby is really taking off over here in America as well. The difference between the American women and the likes of New Zealand and England’s women isn’t too big.

“I think 10 years is needed for the men’s team to get to the level where they can get to a quarter-final or win against some of these top tier one teams.

“It’s always good to take the event to somewhere new and build a new fan base. America is primed and ready to go. You can see every year that the league is getting bigger, it’s getting bigger TV coverage, as well as the likes of New Zealand coming over here.”

The USA will aim to emulate Japan’s success.

While the USA’s recent annihilation at the hands of the All Blacks is a clear sign that they are currently nowhere near the standard required to make a World Cup quarter-final, Japan have shown that a rapid improvement in possible.

At the 2011 Rugby World Cup, Japan suffered an 83-7 loss to the hands of New Zealand, only a marginally better result than the 104-14 drubbing the Americans suffered at the weekend to the same opposition.

Yet just four years later Japan produced arguably the greatest upset in the history of rugby by beating South Africa, before beating Ireland and Scotland to reach the World Cup quarter-finals on home turf in 2019.

While Japan’s rapid improvement is certainly the exception and not the rule, it will inspire those in USA rugby that they can quickly learn to compete with the giants of the international game.

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