Australia fall to their joint-lowest position ever in the world rankings

Australia rankings

Australia have dropped to their joint-lowest position ever in the World Rugby Rankings after suffering a 57-22 loss at the hands of New Zealand.

The Wallabies have only lost 0.18 points in the official world rankings as a result of the 35-point loss to the All Blacks, but it’s enough to see them fall to seventh place just below Argentina, who have risen to sixth.

Although Argentina also suffered a heavy loss to South Africa at the weekend, the Pumas have not lost any points in the world rankings as the reigning world champions were too far ahead of them for the loss to make a difference.

Argentina could rise again next week.

Australia swapping places with Argentina is the only change to the world rankings, as no other international matches were played at the weekend.

Although there is only one game taking place in international rugby this coming weekend – South Africa vs Argentina – it could have a major effect on the world rankings.

Should the Pumas defeat the Springboks by less than 15 points they will rise above both France and Ireland to go into fourth place in the rankings.

If Argentina manage to win by more than 15 points, they will rise to third place in the rankings, above England. South Africa will remain in first place regardless of the result, but their position will be seriously weakened.

Check out the Top 15 sides in the World Rugby Rankings below.

1. South Africa (N/C) – 94.20
2. New Zealand (N/C) – 88.95
3. England (N/C) – 85.44
4. Ireland (N/C) – 84.85
5. France (N/C) – 83.87
6. Argentina (+1) – 83.15
7. Australia (-1) – 83.14
8. Scotland (N/C) – 82.02
9. Wales (N/C) – 80.59
10. Japan (N/C) – 79.13
11. Fiji (N/C) – 76.87
12. Georgia (N/C) – 73.73
13. Samoa (N/C) – 71.88
14. Italy (N/C) – 70.65
15. Tonga (N/C) – 70.28

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