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Alex Dombrandt reveals he had his jaw broken twice in university rugby assaults

Alex Dombrandt

Alex Dombrandt has revealed that the police had to get involved after two unsavoury incidents he was involved in while playing rugby in university.

Harlequins and recently-capped England number eight Dombrandt attended and played for Cardiff Metropolitan University, which play in both a university-only league and the Welsh Championship, the highest-level amateur league in the country.

Dombrandt developed greatly as a player during his time in Cardiff, but unfortunately he was assaulted on two separate occasions while playing for the university side in the Welsh Championship.

The 24-year-old was speaking on The Good, The Bad and the Rugby podcast and revealed that his jaw was broken two times while playing for Cardiff Met in off-the-ball incidents.

Alex Dombrandt on having his jaw broken twice.

“In my first year and third year [of university] there was an unfortunately unsavoury incident on both occasions. Basically in a game I had my back turned and got punched from behind,” Dombrandt explained.

“I wasn’t expecting it at all. Both times I broke my jaw and had to have surgery. Both times for five weeks-ish I was on a liquid diet. I’ve got four plates now that are permanent. The first time completely dislodged [my jaw].

“Then the second time was like a crack or break this [the right] side. The police were involved both times and yeah, it was tough. The first time you think, ‘It’s never going to happen again.’ So you just crack on with it.”

‘We decided I wouldn’t play in the Welsh Championship anymore.’

After the second incident, Dombrandt decided to stop playing for Cardiff Met in the welsh Championship, only partaking in their games against other university sides.

“It was tough because you don’t think you do it once, let alone twice. That was in the Welsh Championship. After that second time I had a sit-down with my coach and said, ‘Look, I think it’s best that I don’t play in that.’,” Dombrandt revealed.

“Because unfortunately in that league we’re Cardiff Met, so we’re a student team. So people look at that and think, ‘Oh, a student team. We’ll go and try to bully them and they’ll cave in,’ because we’re a team that likes to play rugby.

“We just want to play good rugby and what will be will be. Unfortunately you get the minority that will take it into their own hands.

“So the second time we decided that I wouldn’t play in the Welsh Championship anymore and just play the BUCS [university only] stuff, which was the Wednesday and was the important stuff in terms of my development.”

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