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Video: The Law Changes That Could Change Rugby Forever

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 31: Will Genia of Australia prepares to put the ball into the scrum as referee Nigel Owens of Wales sets the two packs during the 2015 Rugby World Cup Final match between New Zealand and Australia at Twickenham Stadium on October 31, 2015 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

World Rugby could be about to change the way rugby is played.

When World Rugby announced they would be trialling a series of law variations in a number of tournaments around the globe this year, supports greeted the news with both interest and despair.

While most fans agree that some intervention is necessary in order to save the game from the tedious nature of reset scrums, others questioned the need to change rugby’s scoring system.

Indeed, while World Rugby aim to produce a free flowing game, some believe reducing the number of points earned from penalties and drop goals from three to two will have a negative effect upon the way rugby is played.

Consequently, kiwi news site, Stuff, revealed that organisers of New Zealand’s ITM Cup would be not trialling the alternative scoring system this season, despite having previously agreed to do so.

Although such news will impact upon the trial’s sample size, World Rugby are continuing to roll out the alternative scoring system, using it at the Under 20 Trophy over recent weeks.

While the feedback in World Rugby’s most recent You Tube update is mixed, the variation at scrum time could prove beneficial. Under the laws being trialled, the current scrum sequence of ‘crouch, bind, set’, will be replaced by just ‘crouch and bind’.

In the crouch position ‘front rows will be shoulder to shoulder with their opponents, stable and supporting their own weight without pushing’. Upon the bind call being made by the referee, ‘props will position their arms in the correct ‘bind’ position.  The front rows (+ back 5 players) will tighten binds and set themselves for the throw-in’.

Defending teams will also be discouraged from wheeling the scrum by awarding the attacking team with a new scrum if wheeling does occur.

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