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Pundit Arena Daily Sports Brainteaser Challenge – Day 22

Pundit Arena Brainteaser

Welcome to day 22 of the Pundit Arena daily sports brainteaser challenge.

Each day, we’ll give you a sporting brainteaser question and you have to guess the correct answer before the time runs out.

You have five minutes to try to answer the question.

The brainteaser is designed to test your sporting knowledge. But, of course, all questions are easy if you know the answer, so the difficulty is bound to vary each day.

Be sure to let us know how you do and to challenge your friends. However, try your best to not reveal the answer if you guess it correctly.

Today’s question is:

On three occasions (seasons), all three promoted Premier League clubs avoided relegation. Can you name these clubs? 

Hint: The hints we have provided below are the seasons in which the promoted clubs remained in the Premier League. 

If the brainteaser does not display above, just click here.

And if you missed yesterday’s edition, just click here.

Good luck and let us know how you do.

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Author: Sean McMahon

Sean is Deputy Editor and head rugby writer. You can contact him by email [email protected] or on Twitter