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You have five minutes to solve this Premier League brainteaser

Since the English top-flight was rebranded as the Premier League in 1992, the PFA teams of the year have tended to be dominated by players from the top sides.

For instance, last season the team of the year consisted of players from three clubs – Manchester City, Liverpool and Manchester United. And, in truth, Man United’s representative – Paul Pogba – was considered a controversial inclusion by some.

If a player from outside the Premier League top-six was to be included in the future, it would be a shock. It is now impossible to imagine a player from the team bottom of the table making the team.

premier league

Such a feat has only happened once in the history of the Premier League. Can you name that player?

So, we’re looking for you to name the last player to be named in the Premier League PFA Team of the Season despite his team finishing bottom of the table.

You have five minutes to solve the brainteaser. (Don’t give it the answer away if you get it, but let us know how you get on in the comments).

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