An update on Kenny’s Kids

An update on Kenny’s Kids
The Ireland Radar Podcast
The Ireland Radar Podcast
An update on Kenny's Kids

An update on Kenny’s Kids (now to be known as ROI Radar)

This is an update on our Irish Football account ‘Kenny’s Kids’ (@KennysKids) which from today will be rebranding to ‘ROI Radar’ (@IrelandRadar).

Just as you (probably) refer to the Republic of Ireland national team as ‘Ireland’, we invite you to refer to ROI Radar as ‘Ireland Radar’ for convenience sake.

ROI Radar is your new home for Irish men’s football coverage and will be joined in the ‘Radar’ department by sister page ‘LOI Radar’.

LOI Radar will cover all the men’s and women’s League Of Ireland action each week, often crossing into LOI Academy football where it can sync in with ‘ROI Radar’.

Introducing Ireland Radar.

While tracking Irish players abroad and keeping tabs on promising young players will remain absolutely central to the product, we also have new ambitions.

As Irish Football enters a new post-Brexit chapter, so too does our content. The focus of all Ireland Radar content will reflect the current Irish Footballing climate to give you all the relevant news you need.

The LOI Academy has replaced the U18 Premier League as the new Irish Footballer factory so we are determined to cover the various domestic leagues as thoroughly as possible.

It’s also time to spread the goodness to other social media channels, potentially by sharing clips from a new podcast to platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

@LOIRadar will also allow us to cover Irish Women’s Football as we involve the Women’s League Of Ireland as an integral part of the Twitter page’s focus.

If this all sounds good then please take 15+ minutes of your time to listen to the podcast listed at the top of this page!

As said in the podcast, it was an absolute pleasure covering a memorable chapter of Irish Football history through the medium of ‘Kenny’s Kids’ since 2021