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Performance – Spotlight On Celebrity Personal Trainer Steffan Fusco

In this week’s instalment of our performance partnership with FFS Gyms, Rory and Rudds speak with celebrity personal trainer Steffan Fusco.

Steffan Fusco is a personal trainer who works with some of Ireland’s leading talents in sport, fashion and showbiz. Having worked in an office job from 9-5 in online sales, Steffan decided to pursue his passion for helping others through health and fitness.

Speaking to FFS about the mindset behind motivating people to train more efficiently and to reach their potential, Fusco underlined the importance of goal-setting.

“It’s really important to pick a goal, but breaking it down into more achievable goals makes it more interesting and fun.”

“If you drink two glasses of water per day, let’s bring that to four. Every time you now go to make a cup of coffee, fill the cup with water and drink that first. Look, we’ve upped your water again. All these small little things, these small daily habits, if you bring them into your daily life they’ll bring you so much further on.”

Other topics discussed on the podcast include ritual and routine, preparation, and the benefits of weightlifting for women. Fusco’s clients include Irish models Thalia Heffernan and Nadia Forde, as well as Jess Redden, girlfriend to Ireland rugby star Rob Kearney, and he cannot underline the importance of weightlifting for females.

“Women are terrified that they’ll become bulky. Strength training is so important for what you do. If you want to build muscle tone and look lean and athletic, you’ve got to be able to lift weights. It’s what builds muscle tone.

“It’s about building trust.”

Check out the full episode of the For Fit Sake Podcast below.


Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.