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Here are five exercises you can do at home without any equipment


“If planning a shorter workout and want to see results, then include this drill every time.”

Pundit Arena spoke to Ben Walker, personal training specialist and owner of Anywhere Fitness. He put together a series of exercises that you can do indoor or outdoors without any equipment.

A mat is all you need for the below five exercises.

1. Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers

Muscles Targeted: Legs, Abs, Core, Lower Back, Shoulders

Mountain climbers are the ultimate HIIT exercise when it comes to shedding the pounds. It replicates the “high knees” workout except in a high plank position.

Pumping the legs in this stance, we raise our heart rate quickly and work up a sweat in no time. It builds the legs, core, and back while burning an enormous amount of calories.

If planning a shorter workout and want to see results, then include this drill every time.

How to perform this exercise?
Start in a push up position. Keep your back straight and feet roughly hip width apart.
As you begin to pump your legs side to side, keep your lower back down and draw your knees to your chest each repetition.
Make sure to control your breathing and exhale as you draw each knee forward.
Keep a steady rhythm for the duration of the workout.
Beginners: Time – 20/30 Seconds
Intermediates: Time – 45/60 Seconds

2. Burpees

Muscles Targeted: Legs, Glutes, Hips, Abs, Legs, Arms, Chest, Shoulders

Burpees are one of the most challenging workouts. They work everything without the need of any fitness equipment at all. When mentioning everything, not only do they work all the muscle groups in the entire body, they also improve your aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

Our aerobic system gives us long lasting stamina. It’s active when we do long steady activity such as jogging. The anaerobic system is activated when we do more intense workouts such as sprinting, jumping or lifting weights. The aerobic system burns fat cells while anaerobic uses sugar and carbs as its energy source.

This makes burpees the ultimate test for getting lean and mean. Burning fuel from all energy stores, we’re also building our legs, glutes, core and upper body simultaneously. Like mountain climbers, another great HIIT drill for getting fast results.

How to perform this exercise?
Start with both feet at the end of a mat.
Slowly come down to it in a semi squatted position.
Placing your hands on the mat first, jump backwards with both feet and land in a high plank position.
Landing softly on your toes, keep your back straight and aligned with the rest of your body.
Pushing off both hands, jump forward with both feet and land with your heels planted.
Stand up straight and put your hands in the air.
Repeat again.
Beginners: Reps: 8-12 | 2 Sets
Intermediates: Reps: 12-20 | 3 Sets

3. Sit Ups

Muscles Targeted: Abs, Hip Flexors

Sit Ups are the original exercise for isolating the abdominal muscles. However, this exercise is only beneficial if done correctly. Poor technique can result in injury or not targeting the abs at all.

Use a pair of dumbbells (as seen above) or ledge to stabilise your feet while doing the exercise. This will give you back support. Make sure to keep your hands at your forehead and don’t pull around the neck.

Sit Ups are a great way to strengthen your hip flexors while working every muscle in your core: rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and obliques.

How to perform this exercise?
Place a pair of dumbbells at one end of a mat. Lie down on its surface and slip your feet beneath each weight. (use a couch if you have no dumbbells).
Your feet should be planted on the floor and positioned at a 45 degree angle.
Keeping both hands at your forehead, brace your core, and push yourself upwards with your abs.
Pause when fully upright before lowering yourself to the ground.
Repeat again.
Beginners: Reps: 15-20 | 2 Sets
Intermediates: Reps: 15-20 | 3 Sets

4. Pulse Ups
pulse up

Muscles Targeted: Abs, Lower Back, Hips

An abs exercise that requires a lot of movement. The pulse up is a dynamic method of contracting your core and strengthening your lower back at the same time.

It keeps your heart rate elevated and burns those excess calories towards the end of your workout.

If looking to target the abdominals and promote fat loss, this is an effective drill to throw into your core routine.

How to perform this exercise?
Lying on a mat, place both hands underneath your butt to offer back support.
Make sure your back and head are rested on its surface.
Draw both knees into your chest. As they reach this position, kick both legs in the air until fully extended.
Bring your knees down to your chest and extend your legs out once again (south of your body).
Don’t let your feet touch the floor when legs are extended.
Repeat again.
Beginners: Reps: 12-15 | 2 Sets
Intermediates: Reps: 15-20 | 3 Sets

5. Bicycle Crunches
Bicycle Crunches

Muscles Targeted: Abs, Lower Back, Hips

Going through all its motion, the “bicycle crunch” is great for engaging all muscles in the abs and obliques!

Alternating its knee and elbow movement, all the muscles in the core are given plenty of attention. It’s also an effective unilateral workout for exercising the hip flexors on both sides.

This routine is a great finisher and also adds plenty of movement for that calorie burn.

How to perform this exercise?
Lying back on the mat, bring both hands to the side of each temple. Keep them here.
Lift both feet slightly off the mat. Bring your upper back slightly off the floor.
As you begin to pump, rotate your torso by drawing your “left elbow” to your “right knee”.
Repeat the same movement on the opposite side by drawing the “right elbow” to the “left knee”.
Keep alternating for several reps.
Beginners: Reps: 16-20 | 2 Sets
Intermediates: Reps: 20-30 | 3 Sets

Want more exercises from Ben Walker? Check out Anywhere Fitness.

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