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Watch: Haye Looks In Incredible Shape Ahead Of Bellew Bout

After months of trash-talking and last-minute injury rumours, it was time for the public workouts this week. David Haye and Tony Bellew could now show just how hard they have worked for this fight.

Although the serious business will be handled in the ring on Saturday night, this was a chance to prove to the fans and each other that both fighters are ready.

First up was WBC cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew. He looked calm and relaxed throughout his workout, giving a thumbs-up to the media before beginning his routine.

Bellew looked big, sharp and powerful and perhaps in the best condition of his career. He was impressive on the pads and showed that he’ll be no pushover come fight night.

After his workout, Bellew was interviewed by Sky Sports (via RingSide TV Full Fights), and claimed he is in ‘a good place’ ahead of the biggest fight of his life. He also engaged with fans at ringside before claiming he is ‘ready’ and that he believes Haye is ‘extremely shook’.

The Liverpudlian then said: “What I hope tonight is that he doesn’t come out claiming he’s injured.”

Well, there was a little wait to find out as Haye appeared later than scheduled.

The former WBA heavyweight champion showed no signs of an injury and looked in fantastic shape after removing his top. Having spent months trying to convince his opponent that he has been sunning himself in Miami instead of training hard, Haye looked fully prepared.

He looked toned, intense, quick and extremely powerful as he showed the world he is ready to carry out his promise of an early stoppage on Saturday night.

After his workout, Haye insisted this is the unveiling of the ‘Hayemaker 2.0’, before saying he’s also ready for an ‘assault on the heavyweight division’.

Regarding the injury rumours, he claimed they were ‘red herrings’ put out by himself. Haye also claimed his trip to Germany was just for a check-up that should have been done years ago.

Both fighters showed they are in fantastic shape and ready for action on fight night.

It’s sure to be a cracking night at the O2 Arena this Saturday.

Peter Reynolds, Pundit Arena

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