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Sports Doc Of The Week – Stop At Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story

This week’s selection concerns one of the biggest doping scandals which has engulfed the sport of cycling – the story of Lance Armstrong.

The American cyclist was seen as a hero having recovered from cancer and coming back to win seven Tour de France titles.

Scandals started being rumoured however, suggesting that Armstrong was involved in doping, and truths were being exposed, despite his denials.

The way the media reacted as well as the personality traits of Lance Armstrong are delved into as we get a first-hand perspective of Armstrong’s character from former teammates and acquaintances.

LA Confidentiel author David Walsh and journalist Paul Kimmage speak about the media furore around Armstrong throughout his comeback and how they clashed with him in their attempts to report on doping in cycling.

The insights into Armstrong’s personality, and how much he affected other colleagues’ lives is fascinating in Stop At Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story.

Rob Lyons, Pundit Arena

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