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Same Old Failings Come Back To Haunt Chris Eubank Jnr In Loss To Groves

There is no doubt that Chris Eubank Snr has been a negative influence on his son’s career.

This was confirmed on Saturday night. Having previously stated many times that his son does not need a coach as he is self-taught is bewildering.

These are opinions that Chris Jnr himself has taken as gospel and it is hard to watch it all play out.

Speaking himself before his bout with Renold Quinlan, when he won the IBO super middleweight title, he insisted that he would train himself:

“There is no one telling me that I have to do this many rounds on the bag, you have to skip for this long, run this far.

“That is all set by me because I know myself. Some fighters need to be told about ten rounds on the bag or this roadwork or this amount of sparring.

“I am not the type of guy who needs that.”

After watching what unfolded in Saturday night’s loss to George Groves, it is clear that Eubank Jnr has a huge heart, great cardio and the granite chin just like his father, but if he is to continue down the road his father has planned for him, his career is going to continue south.

For anybody who follows Chris Jnr on his social media accounts, you can tell he lives the life of boxing.

He doesn’t drink or smoke and he is in the gym every day.

The disappointing thing here is that he is a coaches dream, he is 100 percent dedicated to his craft, but he just desperately needs coaching.

Tony Bellew summed up the fight perfectly.

“It was brawler against boxer tonight, Chris Eubank Jnr is a brilliant fighter but this ain’t called fighting, it’s called boxing, and he got completely outboxed.”

What was evident throughout was that he needs education on the sport of boxing because he is a million miles away from being at the top of either super-middleweight or middleweight level.

Many of the mistakes he made were the same fundamental mistakes he made against Billy Joe Saunders in his first loss.

He just does not set himself up in an intelligent fashion to land telling shots. His footwork is well below where it should be for a man at his level.

For a fighter whose main tactic is to bring pressure and power, you need to know how to apply the pressure other than lunging forward and crossing your feet with almost every punch thrown.

If he continues down that road then he is going to have many more cuts to deal with than the one he got on his right eye last night.

James Sheehan, Pundit Arena

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Author: The PA Team

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