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Pundit Arena’s Top 20 Post-Game Interviews

In light of Kieran Donaghy’s outburst on Sunday, we rank our twenty most entertaining post-game interviews. Did we leave any out? Let us know!

20. Rampage Jackson dry-humps reporter!

He may be a beast in the Octagon, but it looks like Rampage Jackson also has a ‘softer’ side. Although it may not be too soft after this…


19. Roy Hibbert: “Y’all motherf*ckers!”

NBA Players always speak their mind and Roy Hibbert is no different.


18. “My wife could score more than two buckets!”

SIU coach Barry Hinson doesn’t hold back.


17. Ronnie O’Sullivan

The Rocket will be remembered for many the controversy, and this press conference in the wake of his defeat to Marco Fu in China is right up there.


16. Kieran Donaghy

The star’s outburst against Joe Brolly on Sunday was magnificent, buoyed by the euphoria of capturing the least likely of All-Ireland titles.


15. Courtney Upshaw: “Touch that thang fool!”

Easily the slickest post match MVP interview we’ve seen.


14. Ger Loughnane Lashes Out

Clare’s messiah did not hold back any punches to his opposite number following the 1995 All-Ireland.


13. Gregg Popovich Up to His Usual Tricks

Gregg Popovich is notorious for being tough on courtside reporters. Here he is with Craig Sager.


12. “No wonder he’s in the f*cking reserves!”

Technicaly not a post-game interview, but hilarious nonetheless.


11. Branislav Ivanovic

Geoff Shreeves brutally breaks Branislav’s heart.


10. Kevin Garnett Tell Craig Sager To Burn His Suit

Poor ol’ Craig Sager came under fire again from Kevin Garnett for his choice of suit.


9. Tony O’Donoghue’s Interviews

Tony O’Donoghue annoying Irish soccer managers, Volume I.

And Volume II. You could watch this ‘umpteen’ times and still laugh.


8. Liam Brady

Brady clearly was never a fan of the hypothetical. He mustn’t have been a big fan of the ‘Modh Coinníollach’ in school. Let’s hope his granny wasn’t listening!


7. Russell Westbrook Owns Reporter

This reporter got scorched.


6.. Brendan Venter

This one is simply baffling.


5. Craig Bellamy

Bellamy says what he wants at international level…

And club level..


4. ‘Arry Is No Wheeler Dealer

Harry Redknapp didn’t take too kindly to Sky Sports’ Rob Palmer calling him a ‘wheeler dealer’. Hilarious!


3. Richard Sherman

After intercepting a potential championship winning touchdown from the fingertips of Michael Crabtree in last year’s NFC play-off, the Seattle Seahawks star was far from sporting.


2. The Honey Badger

There’s a reason Nick Cummins a.k.a. The Honey Badger has such a massive cult following. His analogy of being busier than a “one-armed bricklayer in Baghdad” was brilliant!


1.  John Sitton

More of a half-time team talk than an itnerview, but deservedly takes the crown.


Honourable Mention:  Mario Balotelli

We could not compile this list without including Liverpool’s new striker.

Brian Barry, Pundit Arena.

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