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First Major League Baseball Game Behind Closed Doors Gets Really Weird

The Baltimore Orioles faced the Chicago White Sox yesterday in Major League Baseball’s first ever fanless game. Why? In case you’ve been living under a rock, Baltimore has been under curfew following days of rioting and protests. Freed from the oppression of a baying crowd of baseball fans the players and commentators got a little weird. 

Exhibit A: Commentator goes full-Golf

Seeing as it’s the only other popular sport that involves hitting a ball with a stick whilst standing still, this commentator decided to use the silent bleachers, reminiscent of an expectant fairway, to pay homage to Baseball’s brother in arms, Golf.

He doesn’t seem to have realised that just because nobody is in the ground, it doesn’t mean people aren’t listening at home.

Exhibit B: Players forget that the mics can now pick up EVERYTHING they say

We’ll just leave this here…

Exhibit C Players Ironically Pretend It’s A Full House

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That’s it, give the fans the ball, they came here to see you after all.

Exhibit D Player finally loses his mind, signs autographs for invisible fans 

So what have we learned? Baseball players are actually pretty funny it seems. That or over the space of one game, faced with an empty stadium their egos, sapped of the cheering crowds they’re use to drove them to insanity. Probably the first option though..

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