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Twitter Reacts To Scintillating War Between Gennady Golovkin And Kell Brook

Earlier today, Irish middleweight and all around social media entertainer Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan tweeted out a fake poll that pretty much summed up consensus opinion ahead of tonight’s bout between Gennady Golovkin and Kell Brook.

Another Irishman provided some startling imagery to further illustrate the stance…

‘Spike’ and Conlan may have been right in the end but for much of the fight this sentiment, which suggested that a foregone conclusion awaited naive, cash waiving boxing fans, seemed oh so wrong.

The early stages of the middleweight bout were characterised by Golovkin aggression, but Brook success. Yes, the Sheffield fighter appeared stunned by a left hook against the ropes in the opener, something that appeared like an ominous sign of brutal things to come, but Brook responded admirably, closing the round with a scintillating volley of punches.

GGG brought constant pressure, however Brook countered effectively and, though the rounds were still close due to the Kazakh’s stalking, some began to wonder if the impossible was actually possible. And everyone was raving about the scrap taking place at the 02.

As the fight wore on though, Golovkin started to tag Brook more frequently. Swelling that developed around Brook’s eyes early in the fight worsened.

In the fifth, things got really rocky for ‘Special K’.

He found himself in irreversible retreat and he was being tagged with a variety of hurtful shots. This inspired the Englishman’s coach, Dominic Ingle, to brandish and eventually throw in the towel. The referee subsequently halted the fight.

It was an undoubtedly anti-climactic finish to what had been an absorbing and dramatic encounter, but one could see the logic. Brook’s vision seemed impaired and the man landing the shots that he couldn’t see coming wasn’t just any old fighter, but the most feared puncher in the game. Some, including the Sky commentary team, were also suggesting that the eye injury was in fact a broken orbital bone.

Still, there was a major difference of opinion as to whether it was the correct stoppage or not.

Post-fight, Brook’s promoter Eddie Hearn claimed that his fighter was ahead at the time of the stoppage.

Another topic of conversation was the previous rumours that Golovkin had been suffering through a bout with the flu prior to this scrap. Some felt that his performance and Brook’s competitiveness added weight to these claims.

The marauding middleweight puncher certainly didn’t look as sharp as he has in the past…

…but it’s hard to deduce whether that was down to Brook’s speed of hand and foot or some other factor.

There was also challenging of the Sky narrative, which suggested that Golovkin’s size and strength were the biggest factor in this fight. This was an easy story to tell, as Brook was making his first appearance at middleweight after a career spent two divisions below at welterweight. However, the reality is that Brook weighed in heavier than GGG at the weigh-ins held 30 days and 7 days out from the fight.

At the 30 day weigh in, Brook was some 11lbs heavier than his supposedly larger foe.

What matters however, is that this fight delivered action and fan satisfaction against all odds. Few would oppose the idea of a rematch, but it seems unlikely. Both men will look to move on, Brook at super-welterweight by the sounds of things and Golovkin, of course, at middleweight.

However, it seems that they may be targeting the same man – Saul Alvarez.

GGG has been chasing the Mexican Pay-per-view star for a long time now and Brook’s post-fight speech suggested he too was looking toward ‘Canelo’.

For the best of the rest, continue to read below…

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Author: The PA Team

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