Zach Tuohy corrects Aussie commentators on badly researched Irish question

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It had to be done.

It was a memorable day for Laois’ Zach Tuohy. The 30-year-old former Leinster minor football championship winner has just helped his club Geelong Cats into the AFL Grand Final for the first time since 2011.

Geelong overcame the Brisbane Lions 82-42 as they finally overcame their long preliminary final record which has seen the club lose at the penultimate stage on four occasions since they last reached the Grand Final.

Tuohy starred alongside Mark O’Connor with the Kerry native also playing a pivotal role as their side clinched a final berth.

Tuohy scored a goal in the fourth quarter which all but ended the Brisbane Lions challenge.

After the game, Tuohy was interviewed by Australian TV as the host called Tuohy’s hometown of Portlaoise, ‘Port-a-loosh’ before wondering if it was possible for his family to watch the matches in “real-time”.

“Tell us what the scenes would be like in ‘Port-a-loosh’ in Ireland, your old hometown. Your Mum and Dad, did they live-stream the games, are they able to get them in real-time?”

Of course, Zach Tuohy couldn’t let that go and here is his brilliant response.

“‘Portaloosh,’ can they get it in real-time? Yeah, they’ve got internet and stuff like,” Tuohy said bewildered.

“Get it in real-time? I think the carrier pigeons have to get there with the score! Yeah, they get in real-time. It’s ‘Portlaoise’ FYI as well because people back at home will give out if I don’t correct you. ‘Leash’ like a dog leash.

“They’re all watching it. All my friends and family are watching it. Under normal circumstances, I’d probably have some more of my family here but yeah they’re obviously all great support for me.”

Great stuff.

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