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Jack Woolley fights through tears in crushing Olympics interview

Jack Woolley

“Some people have come here to participate at an Olympics, I came here to win”.

Jack Woolley, one of Ireland’s most promising Olympics athletes, has been defeated in his opening bout of the Taekwondo 58kg competition.

Lucas Guzman of Argentina claimed the win (22-19) against the Tallaght native, and speaking after the encounter, Woolley delivered one of the most heartbreaking interviews in recent memory.

Jack Woolley

The 22-year-old, while fighting back the tears, said that during the bout, his legs went to jelly and that “something didn’t click”.

Jack Woolley on loss at the Olympics

He said: “I’m devastated. It’s tough to take and it will be. Some people have come here to participate at an Olympics, I came here to win…

“I’m devastated with my performance, everything was mentally great, physically great. I stepped on the mat, and it wasn’t my day. I wasn’t happy with my performance at all.

“We had this game-plan and I went out and my legs went to jelly. It just didn’t go to plan. I’m usually a lot more aggressive. I don’t know. It’s just, something just didn’t click.

“There was a few techniques that I thought worked, but it didn’t go to plan. I’m trying not to cry on the telly.”

He continued: “There was a few times where I thought I might have nicked him in the head, but it didn’t go up on the board. To be honest I should have just hit a bit harder.”

Jack Woolley makes history

Despite the loss, Saturday morning saw Woolley become the first Irish person to represent the country in Taekwondo at the Olympics.

He said that he did feel proud about this fact, but that he feels he let a lot of people down. He said: “I just want to say sorry to a lot of people for my performance. Hopefully everybody’s not too disappointed.”

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