‘Most Amazing Shot In Snooker History’ Shocks Crowd At The Masters

Those in attendance at Alexandra Palace were left shocked and amused by an incredible shot at The Masters snooker tournament.

Six-time world champion Steve Davis called it the “most amazing shot in snooker history” and it certainly left the crowd bewildered at the London venue.

Stephen Maguire was taking on Neil Robertson and was at the table lining up a routine red pot.

The Scottish player, ranked number 15 in the world, was trailing 5-1 in the first to six contest and needed something special to peg back his opponent.

For a split second, it looked as though he had received a big slice of good fortune.

Maguire hit a powerful shot that saw the cueball smash the red ball and ricochet off the jaws of the pocket.

The red ball flew into the air before landing on the table and spinning backwards and rolling into the pocket.

The white ball then hit the side cushion and made it’s way up the table, eventually rolling into the pocket for a foul.

The two players were stunned by the shot, with Robinson left open-mouthed in his chair before laughing with the referee and Maguire at what they had just witnessed.

The crowd were bewildered and, on commentary for BBC, Davis labelled it the “most amazing shot in snooker history.”

You can watch the incredible shot below. The shocks didn’t end there either, as Maguire went on to win 6-5.

Originally published on January 13, 2002.

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