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Ronnie O’Sullivan speaks about peculiar tactic that he’ll “probably do for the rest of my career”

ronnie o'sullivan

“I don’t practice much at home so for me, this is the best place to get practice.”

Ronnie O’Sullivan has spoken about his lack of desire to practice ahead of games and how he now uses match frames as practice.

The snooker world champion said he would rather watch Netflix and smoke a cigar than spend hours on the practice table preparing for a game.

ronnie o'sullivan

Ronnie O’Sullivan: I haven’t been on a practice table once this week.

“I definitely haven’t practised, and you can check the CCTV up there if you like,” O’Sullivan joked on Eurosport after he beat Ali Carter in the semi-finals of the Northern Ireland Open.

“I haven’t been on a practice table once this week, I refuse to go on there. You get on a table and there’s someone staring at you to get off.

“I’m too old to have someone trying to get me off the practice table, some geezer I’ve never seen before. I just stay away, I don’t need it, to be honest with you.”

O’Sullivan’s comment about ‘some geezer I’ve never seen before’ appears to be another dig at the standard of play among some snooker players on the tour.

At the World Championships in August, which he ended up winning, the 44-year-old criticised the standard of younger players on the tour.

The six-time world champion said that many of the snooker players on the tour are so bad that he would ‘have to lose an arm or a leg’ to lose to them.

ronnie o'sullivan

Trump beats O’Sullivan in Northern Ireland Open final.

Judd Trump beat O’Sullivan 9-7 in the final of the tournament on Sunday.

During the match, the world champion returned to the table to pot balls despite having lost the frame. O’Sullivan, 44, explained following the final that he doesn’t practice a lot at home, so he used the frames in the final as practice.

“I don’t practice much at home so for me, this is the best place to get practice,” O’Sullivan told Eurosport.

“I wanted to get as much table time as I can. And I wasn’t trying to put balls safe and make the frame long. I just wanted to get a chance to clear the balls up.

O’Sullivan on using frames for practice.

O’Sullivan regularly returned to the table in the final and cleared up rather than pursuing the snookers needed to win the frame. The world champion said he ‘loves the game’ and did this to gain ‘table time.’

“I’m just enjoying playing and when you’re enjoying playing you want to pot balls. You just love the game,” O’Sullivan continued.

“If my table at the club played like this I would be over the moon. But this table just plays so lovely that I’ve come to the conclusion that this is as good a place as anywhere to get table time.

“I’ve done it every match this tournament and I’ll probably do it for the rest of my career now.

“I know the commentators are sitting there thinking, ‘We want to go home.’ So, it’ll be the short straw if they’re drawn to commentate on me, they’ll be hating it.”

You can watch O’Sullivan here:

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