Mark Williams: Most of what Ronnie O’Sullivan says is “total nonsense”

“No doubt he’ll say he played s*** like he normally does, but I thought it was a good game.”

Mark Williams predicted almost exactly what Ronnie O’Sullivan was going to say following their Snooker World Championship quarter-final final on Tuesday night.

Williams on O’Sullivan

The veterans played out a competitive game at the Crucible. Williams was leading 7-2 at one point, but lost the match 13-10 following a vintage comeback by O’Sullivan, who will play Mark Selby in the semi-finals.

Following the game, Williams took solace from losing to, in his and many people’s opinion, the ‘best player ever’.

However, the Welshman, a three-time world champion, claimed that O’Sullivan would downplay the victory and his performance in his own distinctive way.

“Most of the stuff he does say is total nonsense.”

“I’ve just lost a good game to the best player ever. I don’t agree with some of the stuff he does say. Most of the stuff he does say is total nonsense,” Williams said.

“No doubt he’ll say he played s*** like he normally does, but I thought it was a good game.”

On Twitter, Williams further predicted what Ronnie would say in his post-match interview and he wasn’t wide of the mark.

“I think Mark Selby is a certainty, to be honest,” O’Sullivan said, telling viewers at home that he believes his upcoming opponent is the heavy favourite to beat him.

The 44-year-old went on to bemoan his lack of ‘cue action’ and compare himself to Diego Maradona.

“It was just embarrassing, to be honest with you.”

“If I had a cue action, I could play. But it was just embarrassing, to be honest with you. It’s like trying to win the US Open with a five-iron in my bag.”

“There will always be a little bit like… Maradona. You look at him now, he’s big and fat but you put a ball at his feet and the geezer’s unbelievable.

“But he’s not fit enough to play against guys who haven’t got as much talent as him.”

O’Sullivan made headlines earlier in the week when he criticised the standard of younger snooker players on the tour.

“People like me, John Higgins and Mark Williams, if you look at the younger players coming through, they are not that good really,” he said.

“Most of them would do well as half-decent amateurs, not even amateurs. They are so bad.

“A lot of them you see now, you look at them and think, ‘I would have to lose an arm and a leg to fall out of the top 50’. That is why we are still hovering around, because of how poor it is down that end.”

“There’s no-one on the tour that’s as good as him.”

Williams also took issue with O’Sullivan’s comments, saying the game’s greatest talent should be more respectful to his opponents.

“I understand what he was saying that the standard’s no good, but that’s compared to him,” said the Welshman said.

“He’s including me in that… You’d never have another top sportsman in their field sort of disrespecting or slagging off the rest of the tour.

“There’s no-one on the tour that’s as good as him. But it’s unfair to class everyone else in his standards because it’s not going to happen.

“And for him to have a go at the lower-ranked players I think is a bit naughty.”

O’Sullivan’s World Championship semi-final against Mark Selby starts on Wednesday evening.

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