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Mark Williams plays unique break-off shot during Mark Selby defeat

Williams lost the match 13-3 to Mark Selby.

Mark Williams has been knocked out of the 2021 World Snooker Championship, but the Welshman made his mark on the tournament with his choice of break-off shots.

The three-time world champion, who lost 13-3 to Mark Selby at the quarter-final stage of the tournament, had been playing a controversial break-off shot.

Mark Williams break-off shot.

Williams began frames by rolling the cue ball down the table towards the back cushion. The cue ball bounces off the bottom rail and nestles at the back of the pack of red balls, leaving his opponent with little chance to pot a red ball.

There was talk of potentially banning the shot, something Williams labelled as “farcical” last week.

The Welshman continued to play the break-off shot, despite fouling with one attempt when he failed to hit a red ball, and even adapted it during his defeat against Selby.

In the 15th frame of the match at the Crucible Theatre, with Williams trailing 11-3 to Selby, he attempted a unique break-off shot, playing the cue ball off four cushions.

The white ball ended up at the back corner of the pack of reds, leaving Selby without a chance to pot a loose ball.

“If a defensive break-off is ‘Plan B’, this is probably ‘Plan X’,” Eurosport commentator Phil Studd said.

“At least he’s hit the red. I guess when you’re 11-3 down, you need to try something a bit leftfield.”

You can watch Williams’ break-off below.


“I just got outplayed and he totally deserved it,” Williams said after his exit from the tournament.

“Forget about (Judd) Trump and (Neil) Robertson and (Kyren) Wilson and all these – if they’re all playing well Selby’s different class to the lot of them.

“He played outstanding stuff and I’m a man to put my hands up and say I can’t compete with that – not many people can. When it went 10-2 the match is dead.

“I tried, but the last thing I wanted to do tonight was come back at 12-4 knowing you can’t win.”

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