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NHL Unhappy, Send Legal Letter To The Simpsons

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The National Hockey League (NHL) has sent a strongly worded legal letter to the creators of The Simpsons due to a sketch in which Krusty The Clown vomits into the Stanley Cup. In 1998.

It appears that the NHL are a bit behind on the times and have only now seen the episode of the Simpsons where Krusty pukes into hockey’s Holy Grail. The episode was aired nearly sixteen years ago, during the ninth season way back in 1998.

The episode in question, The Last Temptation of Krusty, sees Krusty drink from, and subsequently vomit into, the Stanley Cup.

Source: Imgur

One of the show’s executive producers, Mike Scully, revealed the news on Monday.

Surely the NHL have bigger things to be worrying about considering the decision by a federal panel on Monday to consolidate all concussion-related lawsuits brought by ex-players into one single suit.

Thus far half a dozen players have filed suits against the NHL, but many more are expected to come forward in the coming weeks.

Forget The Simpsons, start dealing with the bigger problems.

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