Steve Kerr Reveals Truth About Infamous Bust-Up With Michael Jordan

Former Chicago Bulls guard Steve Kerr has outlined that he remembers the now famous bust-up between himself and teammate Michael Jordan differently to how MJ described it in ‘The Last Dance.’

The 10-part docu-series depicted Jordan’s time with the Bulls in the 90s on their way to six NBA Championships with one section focussing on MJ’s relationship with his teammates.

Jordan and Kerr both told their side of an incident during a Bulls practice session where the four-time MVP struck his teammate in the face, and claimed that it occurred in front of coach Phil Jackson who was calling ‘ticky-tack’ fouls on him.

According to Kerr however, Jackson wasn’t present at the time.

“I had a different memory from what Michael described on the show,” Kerr told the Greenlight podcast, with Chris Long.

‘My memory was that Phil had gone upstairs to his office while we were scrimmaging because he had to take a phone call from the league or something, and that’s when we got into it.

“So, Phil came down to see what was going on. And I remember him coming over to me, he goes, “You’re gonna have to clean that up.”

‘And I go, “My eye or my relationship with Michael?”‘

Jordan‘s recollection of the incident had Jackson front and centre as he told it in the Last Dance.

“So one day at practice, Phil puts Steve Kerr guarding me.  Phil sensed my aggression, but he was trying to tone me down, and he starts calling these ticky-tack fouls.

“Now I’m getting mad, because for you to be protecting this guy, that’s not going to help us when we play New York.

“That’s not going to help us when we play these teams that are very physical

“The next time he did it, I just haul off on Kerr. When I foul Steve Kerr, I said, “Now, that’s a f***ing foul.”

“He [Kerr] hauls off and hits me in the chest, and I just haul off and hit him right in the f***ing eye. And Phil just throws me out of practice.”

Jordan and Kerr amended things shortly after, with the current Golden State Warriors coach proving to be a vital player for the Bulls scoring a clutch basket in game six of the 1997 finals to help Chicago to the title.

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Author: Oisin McQueirns

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