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Scottie Pippen Reportedly “Livid” At Michael Jordan For Portrayal In Last Dance

Scottie Pippen is reportedly “beyond livid” at how Michael Jordan portrayed him in ESPN’s hit docu-series ‘The Last Dance’ about the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s.

The 10-part series has received widespread acclaim however Pippen, who was heavily featured throughout as one of the franchise’s most important pieces, is said to be less than pleased at how he was depicted.

According to ESPN’s David Kaplan, Pippen is “so angry” and “beyond livid” at how Jordan portrayed him and that he did not realise what he was getting himself into with the series.

“[Pippen] felt like up until the last few minutes of Game 6 against the Jazz [in the 1998 NBA Finals], it was just ’bash Scottie, bash Scottie, bash Scottie,’” Kaplan said on his ESPN 1000 “Kap and Company” show in Chicago.

“As one of his friends said to me yesterday, he’s one of the top 21 players in the history of the game according to ESPN and prior to the last seven minutes of the documentary on Sunday night in episode ten all it was, was, ‘the migraines, the surgery, Michael calling him selfish, his contract,’ he said every single thing you showed about him was basically negative and he is beyond livid.”

Pippen’s reported displeasure comes in the wake of another former Bulls player Horace Grant calling out Jordan over issues with the docu-series, with MJ’s former teammate also feeling that Pippen wasn’t presented in a very favourable light.

“I have never seen a quote-unquote ‘number two guy’, as decorated as Scottie Pippen, portrayed so badly,” Grant said.

“When that so-called documentary is about one person, basically, and he has the last word on what’s going to be put out there…it’s not a documentary.

“It’s his narrative of what happens in the last, quote-unquote dance. That’s not a documentary because a whole bunch of things was cut out, edited out. So that’s why I call it a so-called documentary.”

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Author: Oisin McQueirns

Oisin McQueirns is a digital journalist at Pundit Arena. Massive fan of Leeds United, Ric Flair and Trusting The Process. Contact him here [email protected]