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UFC VS WWE: Daniel Cormier Can’t Wait to Pummel Brock Lesnar

When Daniel Cormier beat Stipe Miocic, the most successful heavyweight champion in UFC history in July 2018 at UFC 226, not only did he win the UFC heavyweight title and throne, but it also appears he may have  secure a fight date with Brock Lesnar.

Both contenders engaged in a shoving, pushing and thrash talking match inside the Octagon on that iconic fight night back in July of 2018 leaving fans excited about a potential match-up. Since then, Cormier has successfully defended his title, while Lesnar has completed his suspension by the US Anti-Doping Agency, and is eligible to fight again.

However, the fight as of yet has not been confirmed so fans must wait. 

When could the potential Cormier-Lesnar fight be happening?

Cormier had just finished his fight with Stipe, and ben named the new UFC heavyweight champion when Lesnar began breathing down his neck.

In fact, Lesnar, entered the cage to confront the new titleholder, in what is as clear a call out as it comes in the UFC.

Lesnar, who was brought in for an interview, shoved Cormier across the cage with little or no consideration for his new status as the heavyweight title holder, and this is not something a man like Cormier can take lying down.

There were signs all through 2018 that the much-awaited fight would happen early this year, especially in view of Cormier’s plan to retire at the age of 40, with pundits all over the world providing expert analysis, giving tips and making betting offers on what some has termed the fight of the year.


Unfortunately, it is obvious that the early 2019 expected date will no longer work.

Cormier Postpones Retirement Date to Prepare for Fight with Lesnar

After Lesnar served his anti-doping suspension, he immediately extended his contract with the WWE, a move that has thrown both his MMA future and his fight with Cormier into uncertain waters. But this could be good news for the new heavyweight title champion as he now has enough time to heal from fight injuries, and prepare for the fight with Lesnar. In fact, he has even moved forward his retirement date, just so he can make history with Lesnar.

But Lesnar is tied up with his WWE obligations, as he has to be at the WWE Wrestlemania happening on April 7, 2019 in New Jersey. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the fight will no longer go ahead, as Cormier is willing to wait until Lesnar is done with Wrestlemania at WWE.

Lesnar’s WWE contract runs only for this year’s Wrestlemania, so chances are the UFC fight between Daniel Cormier and Brook Lesnar will happen anytime after Wrestlemania.

In fact, UFC President, Dana White has confirmed that this is one fight that will take place as soon as Lesnar places the call. And Dana White is certainly hopeful that Lesnar will do just that after Wrestlemania in April.

Cormier Threatens Mayhem at Wrestlemania

From what we have been seeing so far, Cormier does not look like this is a fight he is willing to let go, or lose. In fact, he has threatened to go over to Wrestlemania in New Jersey, and do his best to cost Lesnar his title. Wouldn’t it be exciting if Cormier was to suddenly appear in Wrestlemania to fight Lesnar?

While this may not be Cormier’s style, it would not be too much for us to expect Cormier make an appearance after Wrestlemania and shove Lesnar against the ropes, just like Lesnar did after Cormier’s UFC fight against Stipe.

We can only wait and see.

Author: Maurice Gleeson

Irish exile currently residing in Barcelona but stay up to the date with the latest in League of Ireland and the Premier League.