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Non-Contact Sport To Be Made A Priority Admits John Treacy

Sport Ireland chief executive John Treacy has warned that it could be a long time before contact sports resume in Ireland due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

With GAA, soccer, rugby and many, many other sports currently on a hiatus due to the global shutdown, Treacy claimed earlier today that it could be a long time before we see contact sport again.

Treacy also said that non-contact sports will be made a priority once lockdown restrictions have been relaxed.

“All of us would love to be back in action as soon as we possibly can,” Treacy said at the launch of the Government’s new In This Together campaign, promoting mental and physical well-being during the lockdown.

“But we’re absolutely going to take our guidance from government in terms of when the restrictions are going to be lifted.

“Sport is planning for that day. Some sports are non-contact, done outdoors, with a lot of physical distancing, and they will obviously be a priority.

“I think it will be a lot trickier for some of the contact sports, and we’ll just have to monitor that very carefully.

“But it’s up to Government to give the green light. We provide the information and the decisions will be made.”

Treacy’s statement puts the future of the GAA championship in further doubt days after Fine Gael MEP and former GAA President Sean Kelly requested the Association doesn’t “throw the towel in” just yet on this summer’s championship campaign.

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“I wouldn’t ever throw in the towel on it. We are only in the middle of April so why would you say you won’t play a championship this year. You’ll find, looking at other countries, there’ll be quick changes, there’ll be a return to normality, maybe, quicker than people think,” Kelly told the Irish Examiner.

“We are better off to keep an open mind, follow the guidance of the HSE, and if we get an opportunity, go for it. Let us wait and see, but don’t throw in the towel.

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