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Boris Becker shares details of Novak Djokovic conversation as visa saga rolls on

Boris Becker details Novak Djokovic conversation.

Boris Becker has revealed that he had a conversation with Novak Djokovic on Monday as the Serbian awaits his Australian Open fate.

The 20-time Grand Slam winner had his visa cancellation overturned in court on Monday and at the time of writing, Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is considering whether to cancel it for a second time.

Boris Becker: “I spoke to him briefly.”

Meanwhile, Djokovic is holed up in a Melbourne hotel as he awaits his fate and Becker has revealed details of a chat he had with the 34-year-old on Monday.

“I spoke to him yesterday briefly and I congratulated him and he thanked me for my support, but obviously he’s still shell-shocked about the last six days,” Becker, who coached Djokovic for three years between 2013 and 2016, told BBC Breakfast on Tuesday morning.

“He’s a remarkable young man, his spirits are better. He went to train at midnight, that’s just who he is. He’s a different cat. He sees the world with a different pair of eyes.

“You may not agree with everything he does but you have to respect him and obviously his preparation is beyond bad, I don’t think he’s ever been in a worse position entering the week before a Grand Slam but that’s just the way it is.”

“He’s used to boos and whistles.”

Looking ahead to the reception Djokovic is likely to receive from tennis fans at future tournaments, Becker expressed how he doesn’t think it will bother him.

“I’m sure there are going to be a couple of boos and whistles but again, he’s used to that,” the three-time Wimbledon champion said.

“He was never everybody’s darling. He was always a street-fighter, he had to fight the odds, he had to win over the crowd and I thought it was fascinating at the final of the US Open when they finally embrace him and he couldn’t handle that either.

“He started crying in the changing rooms because he was filled with too many emotions.

“Again, the crowd will be difficult with him but with each match he’s starting to win the crowd will embrace him again but it’s going to be a difficult first week.

The 2022 Australian Open is due to get underway on Monday of next week. Djokovic has won the last three editions of the competition.

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