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Toto Wolff claims Mercedes will bring out “spicy equipment” for the decisive races

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Mercedes to bring out “spicy equipment”.

With only two races left in this year’s championship, Toto Wolff is willing to pull out all the stops. With Saudi Arabia expected to be a promising track for Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton, Wolff claims that pulling out the “spicy” equipment for both Hamilton and Valterri Bottas.

Speaking to Sky Sports F1, Wolff said, “Saudi should be a good track for us but this year when you think it’s a good one it can turn the other way around but it’s a long straight.

“We’ll get our spicy equipment out for the engine for Saudi Arabia, that we didn’t use and Valtteri’s right up there, we need him but in any case, if everybody finishes the race it’s going to go to Abu Dhabi.”

When asked if the car is the best it has been all season, Wolff responded with a resounding yes and thinks it will work well in the last two races in the Middle East. Both races will require drivers to take some risks and that is what Wolff plans to do.

“I think that the car is quick on the straight and good around the corners. Degradation works fine and even in races in the middle east so we have two to come of these on old tires.

“I think we’ve got to push maximum attack. We’ve got to catch up, make some points up and this is just what we’re going to do.”

Close championship

With Hamilton and Max Verstappen so close at the top, Wolff admits that they don’t have control over the season.

“I wish [we did]. I really enjoyed the ride because it’s good fun when it’s so tough. It’s exactly why we’re in this sport and I enjoy every minute.”

Should Mercedes fail to win the championship, Wolff claims that they would dust themselves off and come back stronger.

“We just had a chat walking back from the podium. If you would have told us it’s going to go to Saudi Arabia or to the end of the season, we would have taken that. I think we started on the back foot.

“We just weren’t good enough, regulations didn’t go our way and you have to take it on the chin and therefore, whoever wins the championship merits the win. It’s going to cost me a sleepless night, maybe two.

“It would be annoying but we could take it, it’s not the end of the world. We would come back strong, not preempting anything. We would come back strong next season and the seasons and the seasons to come.”

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