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McLaren CEO details what’s going wrong with Daniel Ricciardo’s season

McLaren Audi Daniel Ricciardo

Zak Brown discusses Daniel Ricciardo’s lacklustre start to the season.

This season has been uncharacteristically poor for Daniel Ricciardo with the exception to his poor form coming in his home race in Australia.

Even at that, Melbourne was the only circuit that Ricciardo managed to pick up points at and his 6th place finish would likely have dropped to 8th had Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz had been able to complete the race.

McLaren CEO, Zak Brown, spoke about the issues Ricciardo is facing on his recent Any Driven Monday appearance.

“Lando definitely has an edge,” he admitted.

“We obviously would like to see Daniel much closer to Lando (Norris) and a good inter-team battle but Daniel’s just not comfortable yet with the car. We’re trying everything we can.”

Norris vs Ricciardo

The car can’t be fully to blame for Ricciardo’s poor performances as Norris has pulled off some solid performances this season. Brown seems to be aware of this and even if the car isn’t of the same calibre of Mercedes’, Ferrari’s or Red Bull’s, he hopes that Ricciardo can sort his performances out soon.

“Again, it was a disappointing weekend. Short of Italy or a couple of other races, it’s not met our expectations and I think all you can do as a team is keep working and keep communications going.

“Keep pushing and hope that whatever’s not clicking at the moment clicks shortly.”

Brown will be hoping that Ricciardo returns to form sooner rather than later but in the meantime, he definitely knows who his best driver is.

“It also points to how good Lando is. When you look at the gap between Charles (Leclerc) and Carlos, the gap between Max and Sergio (Perez)… There are gaps between teammates and I think Lando is one of the best drivers in the world at the moment and it’s a compliment to Lando when you see how big the gap is.”

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