Max Verstappen ends interview following questions hinting that Red Bull are breaking rules

Horner Verstappen red bull cheating

Max Verstappen didn’t take kindly to hints that Red Bull could be cheating.

Reporter Ted Kravitz firmly set his sights on Max Verstappen in their latest interview when he tried to figure out if Red Bull had been breaking rules.

Kravitz questioned if Red Bull had been abiding by the cost cap on upgrades, claiming first, that Ferrari were ‘surprised’ by how many were being brought in.

Verstappen simply responded, “It’s not a surprise to us.”

After asking about it from the point of Ferrari, Kravitz then suggested more clearly that Red Bull were simply spending more than they were allowed to.

Verstappen simply smiled as he looked back at the interviewer and said, “maybe we’re more efficient,” before leaving the interview.

Red Bull’s speed

Red Bull have been looking exceptional and barring the odd reliability concern, they have shown that they possess the dominant car this year.

Verstappen discussed what Red Bull need to see this weekend in Spain to signify that they’re going in the right direction.

“We have to try and make the weekend a bit easier for ourselves so we’ll be focused on that,” said Verstappen referring to his underperformance in qualifying in Miami.

“Miami was a hot one and, of course, it will be here again, so let’s see how that will influence the tyres around here.”

When asked if Red Bull had the fastest car, Verstappen seemed to agree but knew that there was always scope for other teams to improve.

“That’s what they say but of course every track is different and a lot of teams are bringing upgrades and these new cars are about these new upgrades and development.”

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