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Lewis Hamilton reacts to ‘disrespectful’ Helmut Marko comments

Gary Lineker Lewis Hamilton

“That’s a part of life.”

Lewis Hamilton claims that he will use ‘disrespectful’ comments as fuel going forward after Helmut Marko recently said, “maybe he should have stopped last year.”

Marko’s comments came after a particularly poor weekend in Imola, which saw Hamilton finish in 13th place after being lapped by Max Verstappen. The weekend even left Hamilton in seventh place overall in the championship, 56 points behind Leclerc who leads on 86 points. 56 points isn’t easy ground to make up, especially when considering Verstappen, who’s in second place, only has 59 points with two wins under his belt.

The poor standard to date looks like it could soon be dealt with as the car put on an impressive display in Miami’s Friday practice session. Hamilton’s performance is one factor that still needs to improve but he claims recent negative comments will help him do just that.

“People always love you when you’re up and kick you when you’re down,” said Hamilton in Miami.

“That’s a part of life. Naturally, I’ve seen some of the things that people I’ve grown up admiring as a kid and even in my sport have come out with.

Lewis Hamilton on ‘direspectful’ comments

Hamilton doesn’t seem to think Marko’s comments will have any negative effect on him but he sent out a message to let Marko know he didn’t appreciate it.

“Certain comments, some disrespectful and I think for me, I’ll take that as fuel. I’m putting that into the pod and I’m going to turn that into a positive and I’m going to come back stronger.

“We are going to come back stronger as a team. Four bad races or five, six, seven, ten bad races aren’t going to stop me from doing what I love doing. It’s not going to stop me in my tracks. I’ve been racing 29 years and I’ve had way more difficult times than this and I’ve bounced back.

“It’s not how you fall it’s how you get up. That for me is just highlighting to those people that nothing you say or do is going to stop me in my tracks.”

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