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“A penalty for what?” – Christian Horner maintains Max Verstappen’s innocence

Horner Verstappen

Horner refutes Verstappen penalty claims

Christian Horner jumped to Max Verstappen’s defence after some have called his wide cornering a questionable move to cut off Lewis Hamilton.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Horner gave his take on the situation and claims he wouldn’t have expected a penalty had it been the other way around.

“Yeah, I mean it’s two guys running hard. Lewis has got to run round the outside, Max has gone in deep, they’ve both gone wide. It would have been really unfair to penalise on that.

“If it was the other way around I’d have told my sporting director to have a moan about it but I wouldn’t have expected really anything from it.”

The idea of the cornering being a penalty seemed off to Horner as he said he couldn’t see a clear violation.

“A penalty for what? There’s no advantage gained, no contact been made. I think it’s just hard racing between the two of them and I think the stewards actually made the right decision on that.

“We’ve talked about this many times, the let them race mentality and I think they made the right call today.”

‘Unraceable’ Mercedes

Horner didn’t think there was anything that Verstappen could have done to defeat Hamilton with the Mercedes car being much too fast.

“It’s always hard to take a loss when you’ve led for as many lads but that was against expectation. I thought Max did a hell of a job to keep Lewis behind for as long as he managed and I think that we saw yesterday the pace of that car is unstoppable today.”

“So yeah, for us, damage limitation. Congratulations to Lewis and Mercedes. They were very very quick here but important points for us.”

Horner went as far as to call the Mercedes car “unraceable.” With such a rollercoaster of a season, Horner is anxious due to the highs and lows of the seaason.

“It was unraceable today. I think we put up as big a defence as we could. Max did his best. He raced hard but there was just no chance today.

“You have the highs of Mexico and Austin, you have, not a low here but it’s a tough one having led probably 75% of the race but one week to the next one. We’ll brush ourselves down and come back fighting in a weeks time.

“The straight-line speed is really impressive. That new engine, they’ve got a Monaco rear-wing on here so it’s very very impressive. As a driver, for Max, he can’t defend against that.”

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