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“I’m actually not that bothered!” – Ronnie O’Sullivan just passing time at Northern Ireland Open

Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ronnie O’Sullivan has made no secret of where his focus lies after admitting that he has written off 2020.

After avoiding a potential banana skin with a 4-1 victory over Jamie O’Neill in the opening round of the Northern Ireland Open, Ronnie O’Sullivan revealed that he doesn’t have a great deal of passion for the tournament.

Six-time world champion O’Sullivan claimed that he is just passing time by competing in the Northern Ireland Open this week.

“I’m not actually that bothered, it’s very difficult to get excited about playing in front of no crowd, coming to the same venue,” O’Sullivan told WST.

“I’m just going through the motions, showing my face, do my bits and pieces, have a bit of fun, it’s better than sitting indoors, gets you out of the house I suppose.”

O’Sullivan, who memorably clashed with Mark Allen two weeks ago, seems much more interested in getting back into his running than making a run for the Northern Ireland title.

‘The Rocket’ was runner-up to Judd Trump in the last two Northern Ireland Open finals and the pair could well face off in this year’s decider but it doesn’t sound like O’Sullivan is too excited about his snooker right now.

“My main focus is my running, getting my times down, I’ve kind of written off this year, there’s not really any events worth playing for other than the Worlds and the UK, all the other ones are just bits and pieces,” he said.

“I’m not going to invest all my time just for a couple of events, I’ll practice a week before to give myself half a chance, but otherwise I’m enjoying my running and other bits and pieces away from snooker, this is just sort of a time-passer.”

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