Viewers baffled as Gary Anderson interview takes unexpected turn

Gary Anderson

This interview with Gary Anderson took an unexpected turn.

Gary Anderson wasn’t in celebratory form after his 5-3 victory over Adam Gawlas in the Grand Slam of Darts as a discussion about injuries went in a direction that nobody anticipated.

Clearly irked by something that took place on stage, the two-time world champion switched gears and vented to Sky Sports about ‘cheating’ from opponents.

Anderson left it vague enough to pique the curiosity of viewers as there was not much in the way of confrontation during the game itself.

“You know what, it’s nice to play darts,” Anderson said. “You get players that snark in your ear every time you throw. It always seems to come from the same team, then it gets on your nerves a bit.

“Would I pull out? Yeah because darts isn’t darts anymore. That’s got you, hasn’t it!

“You need to have a word with everyone that watches darts. They call it gamesmanship, I call it cheating. I’ll see them through there when I go through.”

Sky Sports tweeted the video on Monday evening but deleted it and reposted it with a new caption.

‘The Flying Scotsman’, who infamously clashed with Gerwyn Price in the Grand Slam of Darts final two years ago , did reference the sniffing of opponents and it’s likely that he will be asked to explain his comments by the Darts Regulation Authority.

Anderson continued: “It’s not upset me. You ask a lot of players and they don’t say anything, I’ll say something. If they’re all sniffing, they better get the test again. That’s the way I look at it.”

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