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World Championship qualifier plays ‘one of the most extraordinary shots in snooker history’

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“One of the most extraordinary shots in snooker history.” But, did he mean it?

World Championship qualifier Louis Heathcote produced “one of the most extraordinary shots in snooker history” in his third round qualifier against Ryan Day.

Louis Heathcote

Louis Heathcote.

Heathcote was 4-3 up in the match but 43-40 down in the eight frame when Day managed to leave his opponent in a very tough situation.

Snookered on the yellow, Heathcote found himself tight between the black and the bottom cushion, with not much room to work with.

Normally, in that situation the best a player can hope for is to somehow hit a colour and hope the cue ball finishes relatively safe.

The white was so tied up that the 23-year-old couldn’t even use the side cushions to get the ball round the table, only adding to the shot difficulty.

world championship snooker

With not much on, Heathcote used his imagination and aimed for the jaws of the corner pocket in order to get some sort of angle.

He hit the shot with the cue ball hitting the yellow and, incredibly, flying into the opposite corner pocket, much to the amazement of the Eurosport commentators.

While the chances are he probably didn’t aim to pot the yellow, it was still a remarkable shot considering his position.

You can make your own mind up by watching below or clicking here.


The Eurosport commentators were in shock, describing the shot as “one of the most extraordinary shots in snooker history”.

Despite potting that incredible yellow to get himself back into the frame, Heathcote failed to take advantage and subsequently lost the frame as Day levelled the match up at 4-4 (best of 11).

Both players shared the next two frames to send it to a decider before Day came out on top to win 6-5 and set up a clash with Ricky Walden.

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