Full transcript of Nick Kyrgios’ tense exchange with reporter after Wimbledon tie

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Nick Kyrgios responded brilliantly.

Wimbledon star Nick Kyrgios was forced to bat away a strange line of questioning in the wake of his latest Wimbledon win on Monday afternoon.

Kyrgios defeated American foe Brandon Nakashima after a dramatic five-set thriller at SW6, as he sealed his place in a quarter-final against Chilean Cristian Garín.

But he comes into the contest having to bat away another set of controversial questioning, this time surrounding his dress-code violations at the tournament.

“Keep doing you then champion..”

Kyrgios, like all of the competitors must wear all-white clothing in the surrounds of tournament, but has failed to do so.

And it was that indiscretion that led to his exchange in the media conference after his game against Nakashima.

The exchange went as follows.

Reporter [R]: ‘We all know the dress code at Wimbledon is very strict. Competitors must be dressed in suitable tennis attire that is almost entirely white. This applies from the point at which the player enters the court surround.’

Nick Kyrgios [NK]: ‘Yep.’

R: ‘Why then, would you walk onto Centre Court with bright red trainers on and do an interview in a red cap?’

NK: ‘Erm.. Because I do what I want.’

R: ‘So you’re above the rules?’

NK: ‘No. I’m not above the rules.’

R: ‘So, what is it? They don’t apply to you?’

NK: ‘Well I just like wearing my Jordan’s.’

R: ‘But there are rules specifically against that. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but the referees are going to be speaking to you about that.

NK: ‘That’s OK.’

R: ‘And that’s OK?’

NK: ‘I’ll wear some triple whites tomorrow.’

R: ‘That’s fine then. So everyone else in both draws follows the rules but Nick Kyrgios doesn’t?’

NK: ‘But nobody else, even after Wimbledon, no-one else really walks with Jordans on the court.’

R: ‘But sorry, Nick has just moaned about the controversy that surrounds him.’

NK: ‘I haven’t moaned, I love it.’

R: ‘But you’ve laughed it off. So, that’s all part of it do you reckon?’

NK: ‘Well yeah, it’s more attention for me. What’s that saying? Any publicity is good publicity. Right?’

R: ‘If you say so.’

NK: ‘Keep doing you then champion [winks].’

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