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Resurfaced Recording Contradicts Michael Jordan’s Dream Team Claims

dream team jordan

Michael Jordan’s claims surrounding the Dream Team have been called into question after a resurfaced audio recording of the basketball legend contradicted what he said in ESPN’s documentary, The Last Dance. The USA basketball team for the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona included 11 future Hall of Famers, however, one notable absentee included two-time NBA champion, Isiah Thomas. Thomas and …

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Showcase Your Sport – Q&A With Athletics Star Sarah Healy


In our new series, ‘Showcase your Sport’, in association with the Irish Federation of Sport, we will be giving you a thorough insight into some of the most fascinating sports we have in Ireland. This week, our focus is on Athletics, and taking part in our Q&A is Under-18 European gold medallist, Sarah Healy. _____ When did you take up athletics?  …

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Quiz: Name Every Team That Competes In The NFL

NFL Quiz

In our latest American sports quiz, we want you to name every team that competes in the National Football League (NFL).  There are 32 teams who will contest the 2020 season which, COVID-19 pending, is scheduled to begin in September. For American football enthusiasts, this quiz should be relatively straight-forward but for those who tend to only get interested once …

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ESPN Release New Two-Part Documentary About Lance Armstrong

lance armstrong

ESPN’s 10-part documentary, The Last Dance, depicting the success of Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls, garnered widespread acclaim following its five-week run. With fans left itching for more content, the American sports network has another treat in store this week with the release of their new 30 for 30 documentary, Lance. The two-part series details the career of Lance …

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Scottie Pippen Reportedly “Livid” At Michael Jordan For Portrayal In Last Dance

Scottie Pippen is reportedly “beyond livid” at how Michael Jordan portrayed him in ESPN’s hit docu-series ‘The Last Dance’ about the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s. The 10-part series has received widespread acclaim however Pippen, who was heavily featured throughout as one of the franchise’s most important pieces, is said to be less than pleased at how he was depicted. …

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“Lie, Lie, Lie” – Michael Jordan’s Former Teammate Calls Him Out Over Last Dance Documentary

Jordan Grant

Michael Jordan’s former Chicago Bulls teammate Horace Grant has said ‘The Last Dance’ documentary series was edited to present Jordan in a more favourable light. The 10-part ESPN documentary series about the all-conquering Bulls team of the 90s, who won six NBA titles, has aired on Netflix over the last five weeks. ‘The Last Dance’ has proven very popular with …

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Five Basketball Documentaries To Watch On YouTube Following The Last Dance

OOWith the acclaimed documentary ‘The Last Dance‘ chronicling Michael Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls officially drawing to a close, sports fans will be left itching for further content to get their teeth into.  While some may be long-time basketball fans, others may have discovered a new-found appreciation for the sport and thus, want to learn more about the …

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Quiz: Can You Name The 30 Current Teams In The NBA?

nba quiz

ESPN’s brilliant The Last Dance documentary about Michael Jordan and the 90s Chicago Bulls has captured the imagination of sports fans everywhere. But how well were you paying attention to some of opposing teams throughout the ten episodes? To fill the Jordan-sized hole in your lives this Monday morning we’ve decided to test your knowledge of the 30 teams currently …

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Conor Shanahan – The Red Bull Driver And Irish Sporting Phenomenon

conor shanahan

Barely old enough to drive, Conor Shanahan is carving out a career for himself as somewhat of a drift racing phenom.  For those unfamiliar with the sport, participants take part in two solo qualifying runs where they attempt to showcase their car control around corners at high speed with high angled drifts before being paired off into head-to-head battles where …

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Five Basketball Documentaries To Watch After The Last Dance

By Oisin McQueirns & Michael Corry With ESPN’s sensational ‘The Last Dance’ documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls coming towards its conclusion, sports fans will require something to fill the void. The Last Dance has captivated audiences across the globe since episode one and two dropped on April 19th with the story of the 90s Bulls and Jordan’s …

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Gary Lineker Recalls Brilliant Story Of Playing Golf With Michael Jordan

If you haven’t been watching ‘The Last Dance’, then stop what you’re doing right now and get on it.  The joint-production between ESPN and Netflix has received unanimously excellent reviews which is completely deserving due to the high quality production and riveting story-telling. The documentary, of course, focusses on the career of NBA legend Michael Jordan and the 1990s Chicago …

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Showcase Your Sport – Q&A With Taekwon-Do Champion Jamie Williams


In our new series, ‘Showcase your Sport’, in association with the Irish Federation of Sport, we will be giving you a thorough insight into some of the most fascinating sports we have in Ireland. This week, our focus is on Taekwon-Do and to learn more about the dynamic martial art, we’ve put our questions to world champion, Jamie Williams. _____ 1. …

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Michael Jordan Reportedly Wouldn’t Let Teammate Eat After Bad Games

The early episodes of ESPN’s exceptional “Last Dance” docu-series has already shown us that Michael Jordan wasn’t always the easiest teammate to play with. It’s likely that the coming weeks will continue to show the ruthless, win at all costs side of Jordan, who is widely considered the greatest basketball player who ever lived. The first glimpse the public got …

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