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What Makes Conor McGregor A Champion? His Nutritional Consultant Provides Some Answers

Conor McGregor’s massive cut to 145lbs is always a hot topic of conversation as his fights approach, and his appearance in it’s aftermath stimulates even more conversation, as well as plenty of concern among his fans.

This reaction is certainly understandable, as “The Notorious” one looks gaunt and drained every single time he steps atop the scales. Regardless of how many times you have seen him look that way, or how many times you have witnessed him recover in time to produce a sensational performance – it is still a jarring image.

Hardly a picture of health - McGregor weighs in before UFC 194
Hardly a picture of health – McGregor weighs in before UFC 194

McGregor, however, is dismissive of the chatter. In fact, at the press conference which followed his 13-second annihilation of Jose Aldo at UFC 194, the Irishman claimed that such talk amused him.

“I giggle all the time”, stated “The Notorious” one. “Because every time I step on that scales and I step off the scales, everybody’s like ‘it’s the worst I’ve ever seen him, he better re-hydrate correctly or he’s in a hell of a lot of trouble'”.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tough weight cut, but tell me one time I’ve missed it. Tell me one time I’ve not showed up the next day fresh”.

“Everyone up there on that stage that makes weight is not in the freshest of states. This is the business”.

Though his resultant appearance may have looked somewhat similar, Conor had some outside help in dropping the weight on this occasion, and he felt that it made a big difference.

“This time around, although it was tough, I did it professionally. I cut no corners. I had a guy in that was helping me with the structure of it, and I trusted in the structure and in the plan, and the weight came off me”.

The “guy” to whom Conor is referring is noted nutritional consultant and weight management specialist, George Lockhart.

Lockhart has been involved with a number of high level UFC fighters, including champions like Rafael dos Anjos, Luke Rockhold, Daniel Cormier and Holly Holm. He has also worked with McGregor’s former, and possibly future, foe, Joseph Duffy.

His involvement in Conor’s camp should provide some comfort to those who worry about the manner in which the Straight Blast Gym fighter is getting down to the featherweight limit.

On a recent edition of Bloody Elbow’s Three Amigos Podcast Lockhart spoke about his first experience working with McGregor, and the former marine revealed that he has already gathered a sense of what makes the 27-year-old Dublin native a champion.

“This is the first fight I’ve worked with him, and I kind of came in later in the camp. There are habits you have to get into, weighing yourself first thing in the morning, last thing at night, several other times a day, and it’s annoying. I would tell Conor I needed him to do something one time, and I never had to ask him again. He would just do it, perfectly, every time”.

“A lot of the time I have to give guys a lot of instructions, and they’ll forget some of them. With Conor, I’d tell him you need to drink 2 gallons of water. Then I’d ask him the next day, ‘How much water did you drink?’ ‘Well you said 2 gallons, so that’s what I had.’ With some fighters, just because I tell them to do an exact thing, that doesn’t mean they’ll remember to do exactly that”.

“Conor and his team are right on the money and very regimented, and this is why these guys are champions; they follow instructions and they’re very disciplined”.

“Man, I just love working with Conor. Every time I brought him food he’d look at me like, ‘I can eat this?’ He was always so happy. It makes my day when a fighter is eating more than they thought they would be able to. He never gave me any complaints on the food.

“The cool thing about it is a lot of the fighters are very inquisitive”.

“Urijah Faber has been in the game for a long time, and you would think he figures he knows everything. He would sit and ask questions about why he’s eating this and that. Team Alpha Male are all extremely knowledgeable because they’re always asking questions”.

“It’s the same thing with Conor’s team. It’s not that they doubt you, they just want to understand the reasons behind everything. I love that, because if the camp understands the basics and they can’t get a hold of me, they know enough to be able to swap one food out for another, for instance. That makes my job a lot easier”.

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Author: The PA Team

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