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Weight Cutting More Dangerous Than PEDs, According To Big John McCarthy

LAS VEGAS, NV - JULY 9: Referee Big John McCarthy looks on during the UFC 200 event at T-Mobile Arena on July 9, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

In a recent interview with MMAjunkie Radio, veteran UFC referee ‘Big’ John McCarthy explained why he feels that the act of weight cutting causes more danger to MMA fighters than PEDs. 

McCarthy doesn’t feel that fighters should be allowed to use PEDs. He is, however, keen to stress that the risk of death inside the octagon is far more likely to increase when a fighter has undergone a strenuous weight cut. 

“There’s no fight you’re going to show me – caused by performance-enhancing drugs – that almost killed the fighter in a way that weight-cutting is doing.”

Taking control of some of the biggest UFC fights in history, Big John has witnessed first-hand the effects of weight cutting. He highlights UFC light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier’s recent bout as a perfect example. McCarthy claimed that Cormier, who officially weighed in at 205 pounds, weighed a staggering 236 pounds on the night of the fight.

So what should be done?

The veteran referee who first begun officiating as early as UFC 2 believes action must be taken before a life is lost. Action must be taken by the UFC is the general feeling of Big John.

“Now, (a death from weight cutting) hasn’t happened in the UFC, but we’ve had serious problems.

“It’s a situation where we have got to start to limit what people can do. Because when we don’t limit it, we’ve seen they’ll go to extremes to try to be the bigger guy in the lighter weight class.”

It is hard to disagree with the theory being proposed here as this issue raises its head once again. When a subject is being discussed as constantly as this change simply must come.

Publicised examples recently include Khabib Nurmagomedeov failing to make weight for his interim title bout and the lightweight division lost a main contender in Rafael dos Anjos due to weight issues.

Several other UFC fighters are also struggling behind the scenes to make weight for each fight.

Kevin Daly, Pundit Arena 

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