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Watch: The Worst Conor McGregor Interview You’ve Never Seen

What in the hell were CNN thinking with this one?

With the hours counting down to what was arguably, the biggest MMA event of all time, CNN managed to book an interview slot with the man who was scheduled to headline the Madison Square Garden show.

Slated to fight Eddie Alvarez in the main event, McGregor was on the fringe of becoming the first simultaneous two weight champion in the history of the UFC. However, when it came time for questions, the American news network elected to take a rather bizarre approach.

Rather than focus their questions on the upcoming fight and how the Irishman planned on approaching it, the interviewer asked questions such as; what is your favourite word? How about a sound or noise that you hate? And if you could trade places with one celebrity for one week, who would it be and why?

Check out the rather strange line of questioning along with the SBG man’s answers in the video below.

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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.