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Watch: Rip-Roaring UFC 200 Promo Charts The Redemptive Tale Of Jon Jones

Pundit Arena’s own Ed Balli has produced yet another top notch promo ahead of UFC 200.

There are few things in sport that appeal to fans like a good redemptive tale. It’s easy to understand why. Sports stars can at times seem like perfect almost otherworldly beings, and that is hard for the average person to relate to.¬†Watching some genetically gifted millionaire achieving success can still be enjoyable, but it’s much easier to share in the joy of the moment with an athlete that is clearly flawed.

At one time, Jon Jones was that genetically gifted millionaire, actually he still is, but the former UFC light-heavyweight champion has also bared his faults to the world. Thus, seeing him claw his way back to the top of the heap in the wake of a deeply troubled couple of years becomes inspiring in a way that his initial ascent to stardom never was.

This Saturday night at UFC 200, Jones will attempt to regain his championship belt from bitter rival Daniel Cormier and author the final chapter of his redemption story, firmly consigning his recent troubles to the past.

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Author: The PA Team

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