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Watch – ‘UFC 200: It’s Time’ Examines The Intriguing Stories Behind This Remarkable Event

On the surface, UFC 200 is an epic fight card packed with exciting, quality match-ups, but it’s what lingers beneath the surface that makes this a truly remarkable event.

Each of the three main fights on this stacked card has it’s own compelling and unique narrative.

The evening’s main event not only pairs the two best light-heavyweights in the world against one another in a highly-anticipated rematch, it also serves as the next chapter in a story with many intriguing subplots. Aside from the long-standing personal animosity that exists between combatants Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones, this tale also has themes of redemption, revenge, and a somewhat complex hero vs villain story line.

The other sequel on the card is very different.

Yes, there are some common themes, but the rivalry between Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar is more professional in nature. There are still personal elements to this narrative, however. Aldo vs Edgar 2 pits a long-standing contender who feels as though he has already earned a shot at the title against a wounded former champion coming off of an unspeakably devastating loss, the psychological impact of which remains unknown.

What impact did this have on the psyche of Jose Aldo?
What impact did this have on the psyche of Jose Aldo?

The co-main event on July 9th, features the return of another former champion and Pay-per-view mega-star from a lengthy hiatus that had masqueraded as a retirement for over four years. But this is so much more than a basic comeback story.

Brock Lesnar’s final days as a fighter saw him conted with serious adversity outside of the octagon, due to several bouts with diverticulitis, and he feels like he was robbed of his prime by this illness. Having fully recovered, he owes it to himself to take one more crack at MMA.

His opponent is a fan-favourite who has come through the sort of personal strife that few of us could ever imagine, not to mention that he has somehow battled his way to relevance in the sport despite early indications that he was destined to fail. Now Mark Hunt has a shot at the biggest star in the history of the UFC and on the biggest stage.

The¬†UFC 200: It’s Time¬†documentary expands upon all of these stories and highlights the richness of this event beyond it’s most basic elements.

If you have not been drawn in by the hype surrounding UFC 200 yet, we urge you to check this out.

If you are still hungry for more UFC 200 content, check out the first episode of the Embedded vlog series below.

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