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Watch: The Two Men That Will Convince You Conor McGregor Is Going To KO Floyd Mayweather

With the majority of pundits around the world singing from the same hymn sheet with regard to Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, two men seem entirely convinced that a huge upset is on the cards.

Jason Quigley is an undefeated Irish boxer with an impressive record of 13-0 and, speaking on Sky Sports last month, the 26-year old stated with absolute certainty that Conor McGregor is going to knock Floyd Mayweather ‘out cold’.

‘People are going to think I’m crazy. People are going to go mad over this, but mark my words, Conor McGregor is going to knock Floyd Mayweather out cold. Believe me, you’ve heard it here. Conor believes it. I believe it, and Ireland believes it.’

Chris Eubank had two famous encounters with Steve Collins during the nineties and, it seems that the retired Irish fighter made quite the impression on the man who was once known as ‘Simply The Best’.

Although Eubank is not as certain as Quigley about the outcome of the fight, asked about how McGregor would fair on August 26th, Eubank made an impassioned speech about the spirit of Irish fighters, stating that the SBG man has an advantage that very few are paying attention to.

‘What everyone knows about boxing is missing, what they’re not thinking about, what is so obvious it’s elusive… everyone is forgetting that he [McGregor] is an Irishman.’

‘I’m just saying, my observations on the spirit of these people, they are amazing. I’m not talking about Conor McGregor, I’m not talking about an MMA fighter. I’m talking about an Irishman. An Irishman is always to be respected. And that’s where it’s likely or it is possible that Mayweather Junior has actually taken his eye off of the target.

What is he fighting? You’re not fighting an MMA fighter. You’re not fighting a guy who’s maybe limited in professional boxing. You’re fighting an Irishman. And that, it is enough.

How do I know? I lived this. Experience gives you a knowledge that puts you in a position of council.

He’s an Irishman. So this fight is a very interesting fight. Not because of ability, but because of spirit.’

Although Quigley and Eubank are not the only figures in the boxing world who think Conor McGregor has a chance against Mayweather, they certainly seem to stand out as two boxing men who really believe that a massive upset could be on the cards.

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