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Watch: Three Reasons Why Conor McGregor Will Destroy Jose Aldo At UFC 194

Last week, YouTube channel FightTIPS uploaded a video detailing why Jose Aldo would destroy Conor McGregor at UFC194, today they have finally released the counter argument.

There is now just over a day remaining before Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo finally lock horns at UFC 194. In the build up to what is now being viewed as the biggest fight in the history of the promotion, many have begun to try and predict the clash with what seem like equally logical explanations for why both fighters will win or lose.

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For many, Conor will be too strong and powerful for Aldo while others feel that the Brazilian’s speed and ground game will prove to be too much for the Notorious Irishman.

The two rivals clash this Saturday night.
The two rivals clash this Saturday night.

Last week, YouTube channel fightTIPS produced an intriguing video analyzing the reasons why they felt Aldo will annihilate McGregor at UFC 194. You can check that out in full here but for now, sit back and enjoy what the majority of UFC fans want to hear… Why Conor McGregor will destroy Jose Aldo at UFC 194.

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