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Watch: The Unedited Sparring Video That Shows Conor McGregor Has No Business In The Boxing Ring With Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor continues to make headlines since his historic UFC lightweight title victory over Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 last month.

First came the news that he ‘relinquished’ his featherweight belt in order to focus on the 155lb division and then came the news that he had been granted a boxing license for the state of California.

News of the license immediately resurrected the possibility of a mega-fight with boxing’s top draw, Floyd Mayweather. the two have been trading barbs for months after all.

However, as quickly as the potential match up was considered once again, so too were those detractors saying that any such fight would be folly for the Irishman.

Now, in another twist to the saga, McGregor’s former sparring partner Chris Van Heerden has called out MMA supremo following the release of some unedited footage of the pair sparring during McGregor’s training for his Nate Diaz clashes earlier this year.

Originally, footage had emerged showing ‘The Notorious’ holding his own against the former world champion, however not long after, Van Heerden reported that the footage shown was overly flattering to the Dubliner.

Now that McGregor has seemingly taken steps towards a boxing debut, that same footage has reappeared, this time showing a much more painful reality.

Video Credit: ESNEWS

The footage has also been shared in numerous edits including this one.

On review, it would appear that the skill set required of a top professional boxer doesn’t match up with that needed by a to MMA fighter, even in spite of McGregor’s incredible left hand.

Where MMA is a multi-disciplined code where attack and defence take on many styles, boxing has a singular approach that has allowed fighters hone their skills to such a degree that even against the best MMA has to offer, a single code such as boxing will quickly highlight the difference in class.

Despite McGregor being supremely skillful at his craft and has shown to have a solid boxing background, the idea of taking on a professional pugilist is an avenue that appears to be one he ought not take, lest his legacy be tarnished by what might well be an embarrassing encounter.

It must also be said however that if the tables were reversed an a top boxer were to step into the octagon with McGregor or any other top MMA fighter, that boxer would meet an ugly fate also. Bottom line – the two codes are just too different to compare.

The Irishman has, however, proven the critics wrong before. If he does decide to explore the ring in the months ahead, who is to say that maybe, just maybe, he don’t defy the critics again?

Gary Brennan, Pundit Arena

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