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Watch: Teruto Ishihara Loses His Sh*t As Conor McGregor Videobombs Live Q&A

If you don’t know the name, remember it. Teruto Ishihara is one hell of a character.

The Japanese fighter recently moved to California to train full time in Team Alpha Male’s headquarters in Sacramento. Although he had been previously training with TAM’s base in Japan, Ishihara’s obsession with partying and women was proving too much of a distraction to his MMA career.

Speaking to Bloody Elbow after his recent victory at UFC fight night 92 in Salt Lake City, the Japanese fighter’s translator explained how the young star used to often skip training as he was more concerned with his real priority: partying and women.

“In Japan, he can get anything. Like, girls. He can get into parties. There are parties to go to from Monday through Sunday. Whatever he wants, he can get in Japan. But in Sacramento, he can’t really do that.

There’s only time for him to party or even to go out on Friday and Saturday. He doesn’t really know too many people, and he can’t really communicate with anyone. Going to practice is a two-for-one special. One, he can become a better martial artist. And two, he can better his English skills. So he feels it’s a perfect situation for him.”

“He wants to learn English more than anything right now. That way he can pick up girls — any kind of girls — and become more popular amongst ladies in the cove.

“He wants to be a superstar in the UFC. He thinks that it makes no sense for him to fight in the UFC if he can’t even speak a little bit of English. Obviously, that’s why he is trying to learn English right now. He wants to learn English so he can bang b-tches all around the world.”

Today, a clip of Ishihara which dates back to UFC 196 has surged to the top of Reddit MMA with the Japanese fighter getting video bombed by Conor McGregor while conducting a live Q & A.

His reaction alone gives an idea of what a character Ishihara is and why he is one to look out for in the near future;

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