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Watch: Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza Admits Patience Wearing Thin With Conor McGregor, Hits Back At Dana White

While the third leg of the Mayweather-McGregor world press tour in Brooklyn, New York descended into a strange and cringeworthy spectacle, there were, of course, still plenty of talking points to come out of the night. 

McGregor donned an outrageous mink fur coat in tribute to local rapping legend and his namesake Notorious B.I.G while Mayweather made his entrance draped in the Irish tri-colour.

Faulty audio in the Barclays Centre arena and the fact that the presser was two hours late kicking off made for a frustrated crowd.

Naturally, as this is the third straight night in a row of promoting the August 26th mega fight in the same format, both fighters were always going to struggle to muster up some original material and insulting content to fire at their opponent. This certainly proved to be the case, as both competitors seemed to regurgitate the lines spouted the previous two nights of this promotional extravaganza.

One aspect of the UFC champion’s speech which he appeared keen to reiterate was his disdain for the Showtime TV boss, Stephen Espinoza, and his production on this world tour. Conor has labelled Espinoza a “weasel” throughout the course of this tour so far, insinuating that he was at fault for the cutting of the MMA superstar’s mic at the maiden presser in Los Angeles.

While Espinoza admitted to have been taken back by the fierce response the Irishman had towards him in Toronto after the mic cutting incident in LA, he confessed after last night’s event that his patience are now wearing thin with the 29-year-old as his onslaught of fiery jibes continued in Brooklyn. It doesn’t look as though McGregor is going to let that mic cut slide anytime soon.

In addition, the Showtime executive had a response to Dana White’s criticism of the running of the whole promotional tour. The UFC President has persisted in calling the Showtime and boxing style of promotion as a “shit show” in comparison to the way these duties are carried out in the UFC.

Espinoza claims that White’s preferred method of promotion is self centred.

See for yourself what he had to say for himself in the below clip, an interview with Ariel Helwani after last night’s penultimate stage of the May/Mac world tour:

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